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Safety Technical Requirements For Hooks Jul 31, 2017

Whether it is any lifting equipment you can see the figure of the hook, it is used as an accessory part of the lifting equipment. We know that lifting equipment is mainly used for lifting heavy weights, moving heavy weights from one place to another, so there is no hook, the function of lifting equipment can not be complete, the hook as a member of the lifting equipment Reggie, what is the use of it?

Hook is the most widely used device in cranes. Lifting Hooks It bears the full load of the crane, in the process of use, the hook once damaged and broken easily caused a major accident. The cause of the breakage of the hook caused by friction and overload makes the hook produce crack, Lifting Hooks deformation and breakage.

Type of Hook

1, according to the different manufacturing methods, the hook can be divided into forged hooks and plate hooks, the plate hook is generally used in heavy cranes.

2, according to the shape of different, Lifting Hooks hook can also be divided into single hook and double crochet, large and medium-sized crane main hook is usually used double crochet, the other many use single hook.

II. Safety Technical requirements of hooks

1, the hook should be a formal professional manufacturers in accordance with the hook Technology and safety requirements of the production of manufacturing, Lifting Hooks products should have a manufacturer's quality certificate.

2, the use of the process should often check the hook has no cracks or serious deformation, Lifting Hooks corrosion and wear phenomenon.

3. Hook should be tested every year.

4. The defects on the hook shall not be welded.

5. The hook shall be provided with a locking device to prevent accidental decoupling of the suspended material.

The hook is an important part of lifting equipment, it is the connection of crane and lifting material, after hoisting equipment starts, the hook is connected with the lifting object from the high, Lifting Hooks and the lifting hook can realize the purpose of carrying heavy objects.

Lifting equipment is also known as hoisting equipment, from this can be seen the hook for the importance of lifting equipment. In the lifting equipment in the work of the crane parts to be regularly inspected, if there is a problem is to be replaced in a timely manner, then for the new purchase hook, its quality is how to check it?

This requires the hook to unload the test load, there should be no obvious defects and deformation, the increase in the opening degree should not exceed 0.25% of the original size.

Inspection of the hook, Lifting Hooks should be in the low stress area of the hook print mark, including the rated weight, plant or plant name, inspection signs, production numbers and so on.