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Hook Is The Most Common Hoisting Machine Sep 01, 2017

The hook is very wide in classification, generally include: Shackle, rings, rings, pear-shaped ring, long rings, combined rings, S hook, Nose hook, American hook Claw hook, eye-shaped slip hook, Lifting Hooks with insurance card rings screws, chain shackle, with unique, novel, high quality, safety characteristics.

The hook is the most common hoisting machine. The hook often uses the pulley group and other parts to hang on the hoisting mechanism's steel wire rope.

Lifting Hook is the main parts of hoisting machinery, its material, manufacturing process, quality maintenance inspection, and so on any part of lax management, will directly cause accidents. Therefore, Lifting Hooks the hook must strictly control the material, inspection and scrap standards.


The hook material must adopt the high quality low carbon sedative steel or the low carbon alloy

Plate Steel general application gb700-79 "ordinary carbon structural steel technical conditions" in the provisions of A3, C3 steel 16Mn steel.

The hook is divided into single hook and double crochet according to the shape, divided into forging hook and laminated hook according to manufacturing method.

Single hook manufacturing is simple, easy to use, Lifting Hooks but the force situation is not good, mostly used in the starting weight of 80 tons of work occasions; Laminated hook by a number of pieces of cutting formed steel riveted, the individual plate cracks when the entire hook will not be damaged, good security, but larger, mostly used in large weight or hanging steel ladle crane. Lifting Hooks The hook is often impacted in the course of operation and must be made of high quality carbon steel with good toughness.

Hook is one of the important parts of crane, its use is related to the connection between crane and heavy object is close, is also the guarantee of safety lifting. In the daily work, in order to ensure that the crane can work safely, often need to check the hook, then what are the daily check work of the hook?

1, hoisting the use of the new hook in the use of Yao inspection, Lifting Hooks there should be a manufacturer of technical documentation, otherwise not blindly put into use, the new hook of the opening degree to be measured, should comply with the provisions.

2, the new hook should do load test.

3, the hook before use, should check the lifting hook on the rated weight, Lifting Hooks not less than the actual weight. If no marking or weight mark is ambiguous, it should be recalculated and tested to determine its rated weight.

4, on the Hook three dangerous section application of Fire oil cleaning, with a magnifying glass to see if there is no crack. On the plate hook to the price difference of the village sets, pegs wear.

5, lifting lifting operation of the use of the hook, the surface to be smooth, Lifting Hooks can not have cracks, nicks, sharp corners, seams and cracks and other defects.

6. The connection part of the hook should be checked frequently to confirm whether the connection is reliable and the lubrication is good.

7, the hook in the use process, should carry on the periodical inspection, Lifting Hooks the main content has the distortion, the crack, the abrasion, the corrosion and so on, and should do the record.

8. Hang the sling to the bottom of the hook when hanging the sling. Suzhou Hoisting Company in the process of lifting the hook directly hook hanging in the components of the rings, not hard to avoid the hook in the side force, Lifting Hooks resulting in distorted deformation.

9, the hook is not allowed to overload operation.

10, hook must not repair welding.

11, the hook should be fitted with a safety device to prevent decoupling.