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Durable Hooks Jun 23, 2017

The hook is an auxiliary fishing tackle made of steel and other materials. One end of it is a round handle, and the other end is a large hook with a sharp hook. Its role is to replace the network will be the hook was walking the big fish hook to take the shore.

How to use Hooks

When the hook of the fish is gone, the holder of the hook should be the hook pointed at the top of the big Fish's gills and the spine attached to the place forcibly headlong. After determining the hook, then put the force to the bank to drag. Lest the big fish struggle to escape the fish. Grab Hooks The use of hooks should be noted, hook tip must be in the upper body of the fish, hook in the confirmation of the hook after the head of the fish to the shore, can exert its strength to the shore of the river dragged. Grab Hooks If the hook is the position of the fish in the lower part of the body, or the position of the fish head in the opposite direction of the bank, must not be dragged, otherwise, the fish caught hook into the body after the stimulation will again struggle to occur and run the fish. Second, catch hooks into the body of the fish, should be one, can not be muddy.

The method of making the hook: The invention discloses an automatic grasping hook, which comprises a hanging beam and a guiding mechanism arranged at both ends of the hanging beam, wherein the hanging beam is connected with a herringbone tie rod, and the left and right sides of the hanging beam are symmetrically fixedly connected with two grasping mechanisms, the grasping mechanism comprises a "n" Zigzag door frame, Grab Hooks and a trough is arranged on the left and right sides of the two columns of the door frame, and a card claw matched with the gate hanging ear is articulated in the trough of the inner pillar of the door frame, and the end of the card claw is provided with a hanging ring A block for preventing the rotation of the claw is arranged in the trough of the outer side column of the door frame, the middle part of the hanging beam is hinged with a linkage mechanism, Grab Hooks and each end of the linkage mechanism is connected with a pull spring, wherein the hook of the pull spring is matched with the hanging ring at one side of the card claw. The invention has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, less middle drive link, less fault, long service life and safe and reliable use, low cost and full function.

Grab Hook is a special sling, with hoist, trolley, electric hoist, car crane and other lifting equipment, used for porous orifice plate Gate, filter or grille, Grab Hooks such as the opening and closing of equipment, but also for single culvert multiple-block beam gate opening and closing, it can automatically grab the gate, automatic drop Gate of the whole process.

[0003] Automatic grab hook as a special sling, widely used in hydraulic engineering. The traditional automatic grasping hook mainly has the guiding mechanism, the hanging beam, the limit device, the pull rod, the linkage mechanism, the steering structure, the hook composition, Grab Hooks it and the hoisting equipment cooperate, uses in the gate opening and closing, it relies on the work hammer gravity effect, through the linkage mechanism to drive the hook movement, or catch or take off, although the structure is simple, less action, but the middle transmission link is more, the use of unreliable, grasping hook movement is not flexible, not uniform, not complete, not complete, easy to cause hook twist, connecting rod and other damage, and thus affect the entire gate lifting, The traditional automatic grasping hook for a long time without or deep water lifting gate, the problem is even more.

The simplified and optimized automatic grasping hook middle Drive link reduces, the fault is few, the service life is long, durable; 3. Linkage mechanism through the pull spring to the two of the grasping mechanism as a whole, so that the automatic grasping hook work, Grab Hooks keep the movement consistent, synchronized, and the lock gate, if one side spring pulls off, the claw is decoupled, the other side card claw also decoupling, the automatic grasping hook may propose the overhaul, when the gate, if only picks out one side spring, the gate is in place, the claw decoupling, the other side card claw also decoupling, so, when has the malfunction or the misoperation, Automatic grab hook can be normal decoupling, will not cause automatic grab hook to the consequences of the emergence of the use of safe and reliable; 3. Easy to operate, easy to maintain;