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The use of the shackle and requirements Mar 07, 2016

General requirements

1, shackle should be smooth level off, are not allowed to have defects such as cracks, sharp edges, burnt.

2, cast iron or cast steel shackle is strictly prohibited. The buckle body can choose killed steel forging, shaft pin bar after forging machine.

3, should not be on the shackle drilling or welding repair. After fastenings and the shaft pin permanent deformation, shall not be repaired.

4, when using, should check the fastenings and bolt, without serious wear, deformation and fatigue crack.

5, when using, transverse spacing shall not be affected by tension, shaft pin must be pressed the latch.

After 6, shaft pin correct assembly, buckle body width may not be significantly reduced, threaded connection is good.

7, use of shackle shall not exceed the prescribed safety load.

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