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Mass to install small screw of new technology Mar 07, 2016

Recently, wan jia xin machinery company developed for mass installation STM2 - STM10 small screw set of new technology. According to ms wan jia xin machinery company is introduced, the technology is made up of a screw rod type, pneumatic or electric automatic installation tools/wrench. Can automatic transmission, a screw rod type can also be manual transmission, solved the minimum specifications of the screw to use hand to knead take operation, easy to fall to the ground loss reducing installation problem of production efficiency, greatly improve work efficiency and install quality, reduce the labor intensity, reduce energy consumption.

In addition, the automatic installation tools/wrench has installed automatic positioning function, precise time can be adjusted according to effective when a controller, installation efficiency is 0.5-0.8 / piece. After wire installed a screw, automatic installation tool/wrench will automatically stop turning into, avoid the disadvantages of the manual twist into the shades and thus greatly improve the installation efficiency and assembly quality.